Sin City

I was raised in Lakewood/Cleveland Ohio when I was 6 we moved to Northern Kentucky.  My Grandfather  was part of the Jewish Mob in Cleveland.  He was Irish and in the Jewish under world. The family lore is. Bugsy Segal wanted him to go into the desert and open a club with him. In other words, a gambling joint. My Grandfather told Bugsy  he was out of his mind, he was not going to go out in the middle of the desert and open anything, His name was Thomas Ward he stayed in Cleveland.  Bugsy went to Las Vegas and eventually opened The Stardust.  with Moe Dalitz.
 My Father Bob Ward was grandfathered in to this group. When we moved to Kentucky  in 1954 he worked for the Yorkshire Restaurant /Club in Newport, KY. It was many years later hat I grew to understand what the “back  room”  was. People from all over  were coming  to Newport to gamble in the back room. Such as Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra.   It was referred to as Sin City.

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