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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Scrambled brain relief is on its way

Good morning world I now have scheduled the appointment. time for the drainage of all that extra fluid I happen to have around my brain it will be next Friday at 1 o’clock at University of  Ciincinnati Hospital. This should bring aDiagnoses  for easy treatment of my scrambled brain. Edema is retention of water and I think that’s exactly obviously what I Have. I have gained some weight which is  extremely unusual for me I am naturally thin and I’m   132 pounds , now I know that doesn’t sound like  a lot of weight but for me it is my normal weight is around 119 -121.. This is not fun because I cannot fit into many of my summer clothes I feel like I look like I’m pregnant ha ha . I really Just look like a skinny old lady with a big pot belly. I really did not expect to be looney at thiis point in my life , but a lot of pressure on your brain makes you act a bit weird.pete

   And I are looking forward to moving to the big city of Covington Kentucky in the main Straus area where everybody has fun you can walk to restaurants and shops and bars and even to Cincinnati

You can hang out and talk to people you can do whatever you want my great niece Carly is even working part-time in one of our favorite hangouts .
Sorry For all the typing errors and punctuation I’m using  the microphone because my fingers just can’t get the typing job done it’s too hard to correct everything so here you go figure it out. The
Micro phone doesn’t even understand me!I  Oh well I.
 still feel better than I have felt in years XO

Beryl’s Journey with Breast Cancer update

Beryl's Journey with Breast Cancer update.

Beryl’s Journey with Breast Cancer update


Monday morning Peter and I set off to UC  ( University Hospital of Cincinnati) for my brain and brain stem MRI. We got out of the car Peter and I disagreed on how to get to the correct department. I got there first:) I asked for directions and got to walk through the old tunnels of the hospital. I saw all kinds of things like in  a horror movie where they put you in the Looney bin.. Peter finally found me! Off  I went for these scans. I laid on  the scan table actually it was a brand new piece of equipment. A good thing. So in order to do this they had to start an IV and test my blood . No problem. At this point I am strapped down – I have ear plug and something like ear muffs over my ears and a mask of some sort . I could not move , I am certain I had the same mask on that they used on Hannibal Lector. I could not move  – there was even a bar across my eyes.!

So they started the test  filled my veins with that magic potion that makes you glow. They pushed me inside the tube  and started with all these different  beeping sound. About half way through this hour procedure   they stopped. I was still in lock down. MY VEIN HAD MOVED.  They could not get my blood to flow.. I suggested they us a smaller needle.  Eventually they did use a smaller needle and we proceed and finished the test.
Three days went by and  Dr. Curry called me  (red flag time) The good news no sign of a stroke or cancer:) The not so good news is I have large mass of fluid around my brain, Did you know that there is some fluid always around our brains and as we age this fluid increases. My fluid  is as much as a woman over 85 should have.. YIKEES I did not like hearing this. They will have to do what they call a needle lumbar puncture to drain this. ( it use to be called a spinal tap) This should take place within a week.
Now, we know the reason  I am shaking , loosing my balance, falling and taking like I have had a stroke. This fluid is putting pressure on my brain. 
Dr. Curry just called me (did I tell you he looks like Peter Frampton?) The 50 year old Peter. He went over what is happening and to tell me he  has an appointment tonight  with Dr. Bandari ( my other oncologist )  to discuss his findings.. I asked him if this is life threating he said “no”.  There is also a medication to control the pressure if needed. This should be a piece of cake, compared to everything I went through in 2012.
 I feel great I have so much energy, other then the shaking which  effects with my typing being  horrid. I am blessed with lots of great energy. So what if my brain is scrambled – it will be fixed.
The girls and I are going to the beach  the end of July  to celebrate my Birthday and to say good bye to all this crap. Than we will go to the beach again for our annual labor day  vacation. .Tom and Clyde  we hope you will be able to join us.  xoxo thanks for reading my blog, thanks for the continued support, I love all of you No one saves us but ourselves,  No one can and no one may, We ourselves must walk the




Ypu will love this !This is an increiable tale of a house and its eccrentric family. It is a three page read from the New York Times. Some day they will make a movie about this fab house and family. You can see and read the tale at these links or at The New York Times.

How big a hammer?

Sin City

I was raised in Lakewood/Cleveland Ohio when I was 6 we moved to Northern Kentucky.  My Grandfather  was part of the Jewish Mob in Cleveland.  He was Irish and in the Jewish under world. The family lore is. Bugsy Segal wanted him to go into the desert and open a club with him. In other words, a gambling joint. My Grandfather told Bugsy  he was out of his mind, he was not going to go out in the middle of the desert and open anything, His name was Thomas Ward he stayed in Cleveland.  Bugsy went to Las Vegas and eventually opened The Stardust.  with Moe Dalitz.
 My Father Bob Ward was grandfathered in to this group. When we moved to Kentucky  in 1954 he worked for the Yorkshire Restaurant /Club in Newport, KY. It was many years later hat I grew to understand what the “back  room”  was. People from all over  were coming  to Newport to gamble in the back room. Such as Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra.   It was referred to as Sin City.
Art Quilt I Need a Name for this. I am having  an issue with naming this piece

Art Quilt I Need a Name for this. I am having an issue with naming this piece

Beryls Journey with Breast Cancer

UnNamed Art Quilt

I am rumbling around figuring out how to post – orginazied would be a good word. I am trying to post a pic.
Zemanta is inactive! Not sure what Zemanta is but I will figure it out.


When I wake up in the morning I think what  I will  do today. My goal was to organize the deck on the  back of  our house. My hubby and I went to Home Depot to get some black spray paint to transform all of the flower pots to one color. I picked black.  Pete lost interest and headed down stairs to his man cave! Oh did I mention his Father was Greek. hmm . The deck project came to a halt.

 I Took my Grandson Alex’s laptop to him and by than it was 2 o’clock. So here I am I have finished my new art quilt  or actual the quilt that has been sitting in the “time out box”. Stopped in say a few words on this new blog.  I have always used  Goggle’s so World Press is a new charm.

Imagination What A Wonderful Thing!

The mystery of palm reading.

The mystery of palm reading.

Reading palms seems to be an intutive thing. Intution. The word ‘intuition’ comes from the Latin word ‘intueri’ which is usually translated as ‘to look inside’ or ‘to contemplate’.”[2] Intuition provides us with beliefs that we cannot justify in every case. For this reason, it has been the subject of study in psychology, as well as a topic of interest in the supernatural. The “right brain” is popularly associated with intuitive processes such as aesthetic abilities.[3][4][5] Some scientists have contended that intuition is associated with innovation in scientific discovery